Hair Extensions, Braids & Weaves for African Hair in Myanmar

Looking for hair Extensions, weaves or braids for African hair in Myanmar or Bangkok?

We understand that braiding or weaving African hair is the main preference for many ladies from Africa. But for most of us who find ourselves in countries outside of Africa, it is often a challenge finding the hair products or hair dressers to match our hair textures.

The Nomad Diva only imports the Best braids, weaves and hair extensions for African Hair for customers based in Myanmar Burma Yangon or Thailand.

All our hair products are made in Kenya and are known to be of the highest quality globally. Thanks to availability of expert hair dressers experienced in African hair.

For those of you looking for African hair extensions, weaves or braids in Myanmar (Burma) you should not struggle to find good quality products. Nomad Diva actually specializes in African hair extensions from Kenya and they come in a whole range of colors, lengths (short, medium, and long).

If you are worried about having black, blonde, maroon, mixed color, golden, etc hair extensions, braids, or weaves, that are usually commonplace when trying to get that much need hair braided, despair not. The Nomad Diva has been in your shoes and she has you covered. Having traveled to 30+ countries out of Africa, she noted the gap in the market for availability of hair extensions, weaves and braids targeting African hair. This was the main inspiration for her to start providing them.

Our African hair extensions, braids, and weaves in Myanmar and Thailand are beautiful and top quality. They are light to the head, have a nice glossy shine and lasts very well without tangling. Even when shampooed, they retain their texture, gloss and look.

Hair Dressers in Myanmar Specializing in African Braids, Weaves, and Extensions

Expatriates from Africa, as well as travelers and tourists from all over the world can get top quality hair braiding services at an affordable price throughout Myanmar - Yangon, Hpa An, and other parts of this country formerly know as Burma.

Book your Hair Extension Myanmar Packages Today by Contacting Nomad Diva with your Weave, Braid, or Extension for African Hair Needs

Quality Hair Extensions, Weaves and Braids are an Investment

You can always get hair extensions, weaves, and braids manufactured in China or some place else for cheap. But if you want hair extensions that you will love for months, you have to invest in weaves and braids manufactured by someone who understands the textures of African hair.  You need an extension that does not require constant attention or turn into a tangled mess when  you wash. Therefore, consider spending a  little bit extra for high grade hair extensions, braids, and weaves manufactured in Kenya.

The price you pay for the extensions will be worth your investment.

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