Disneyland Hong Kong

When I first landed in Miami, Florida on a stopover to Haiti, I knew I would one day be back for a visit to Disneyland with my little one. Unfortunately, that dream never came to fruition. So we shelved the idea for a later time. This year, while scouting for a vacation destination around Asia in mid-March,  the choice was between Hong Kong and Japan as they both have a Disney theme park. We settled for Hong Kong.

Getting There

With our guest house located in Tsim Tsa Shui, this is how we got to Disneyland after interchanging trains 2 times:
  1. Crossed the road and walk for about 2 minutes to Tsim Tsa Shui MTR station
  2. Took Tsuen Wan Line heading to Tsuen Wan then got off at Lai King Station.
  3. Interchanged trains here to the Tung Chung line  
  4. Before getting to Tung Chung, got off at Sunny Bay Station.
  5. Lastly, interchanged trains to the Disney Land Resorts line. This train has blue seats and is decorated in Disney characters, so you can easily tell that you're on the right track. Upon arrival, the only exit opens to the resort's entrance.
Entire trip took as about 40 minutes max.

Tips for Making the Most of your Time at Disneyland Hong Kong

  • If you arrive at Hong Kong airport early enough, make Disneyland your first stop since it is near to the  Hong Kong International airport. The resort offers safe secured baggage lockers, so not to worry about your luggage.
  • Entrance tickets are cheaper when purchased at agent locations throughout the city rather than at the gate of the resort. You can also check with your hotel/guesthouse.
  • If on a one-day pass and you'd like to enjoy as many of the attractions as possible, its best to ensure that you are at the gate of the resort by 9.30 am when they open.
  • Stay on until 8pm to enjoy the "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks Display in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.
    • To record the fireworks show and for an excellent view, be seated by 7.30 pm latest.

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