Cheap Nice Clean Hotel in Hong Kong

Comfort Guest House, Chung King Mansions, Hong Kong: A Review

When we decided to visit Hong Kong, our first concern was where to get cheap, nice, clean and safe accommodation. So as usual, I visited and was lucky enough to land on Comfort Guest House on Nathan Road. The guest house is located on the 9th floor, Block E, at Chung King Mansions.

Other than the fact that on two nights of our stay they relocated us to another guest house - Catherine Inn - with terrible internet and of a lower quality, on the 10th floor; our experience at Comfort Guest House was memorable. The manager there - Paul - was kind to lend us his SIM card with prepaid internet. I also got a chance to visit their other property on the 10th floor in Block C which was equally clean and nice. I didn't try their internet but I guess it does work.


  • Hot showers with high water pressure.
  • Beddings are all white and clean. 
  • Self-controlled AC
  • Cheap if you book in advance. 
  • Clean
  • Very fast internet that is offered free. 
  • Location
    • 2 minutes walk to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station
    • Very close to most tourist attractions on the Kowloon Peninsula
      • Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Clock Tower, etc
    • About 5 minutes walk to Victoria Harbor


  • Location
    • Aside from the many guest houses on the top floors, Chung King Mansion is a building that hosts many shops, eateries, and idlers on its ground floor of the building.
    • At the entrance of the building, there are also lots of idlers and people haggling you to stay in their guest houses or sell you this and that.
    • By end of day, the ground floor looks like a damp site with trash strewn all over. But once you get onto 9th floor where the guest house is located, it feels safe and homely.

Room Tips:

  • When you make a booking, insist that you want a room on the 9th floor in Block E or 10th floor in Block C.

How to Get to Comfort Guest House - Hong Kong by Public Bus from the Airport

  1. Exit the baggage collection area and turn right
  2. Walk down towards the McDonald's and make a turn to your left
  3. Follow the Bus sign all the way down to the escalator
  4. Make another right turn and keep following the bus sign
  5. At the exit, make a left turn to the ticket counter and purchase an Octopus Card. 
    • The card is very handy for easy movement and shopping around Hong Kong as it is accepted in MTRs, buses, many supermarkets (e.g. 711) , fast food restaurants (such as McDonalds), etc. Besides, the public buses have no conductors, only the driver, so if you want to use cash, you must have exact amounts as there is no change given for extra amounts paid.
    • You will have to load a 50 HKD deposit to your Octopus Card, in addition to whatever other amounts you may want. If returned within 3 months, the 50HKD plus any unused funds( less a 9HKD handling fee) is refunded. 
    • To obtain my Octopus Card refund, I visited the Customer Service Desk at the exit of Terminal 1/Entrance to Terminal 2. It is located just at the point where you board the MTR to the city.
  6. With your back facing the ticket counter, the bus stop will be in front of you. Go to the bus stand located on the right side and you will see a stand marked A21.  This is where you take the bus that takes you to Comfort Guest House, Tsim Sha Tsui area. The fare is about HKD 33 for adults and HKD 17 for kids/children.
  7. Once the bus arrives Tsim Sha Tsui area, alight at Middleton bus stop. 

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